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The Ovcharka Pedigree has been around since 2005.
After a server crash in June 2012, we have started a project to look at moving the Ovcharka Pedigree to a more modern and safer environment.
This work goes forward, at the same time it is costs for administration, maintenance and development. In order to secure the future of Ovcharka Pedigree, we are grateful for every contribution.
The easiest way to do this you via Paypal by clicking the "Pay Now" button abow.
Everyone who contribute will be presented with name and kennel name on Ovcharka Pedigree.
Thank you in advance. Best regards Lennart, Ovcharka Pedigree

25 latest updates
Refresh IconCevan Ingush
Refresh IconCevan Imperial
Refresh IconLucky Devil Avalanche
Refresh IconCevan Izis
Refresh IconCevan Izidora
Refresh IconCevan Fancy
Refresh IconCevan Inga
Gold star IconOnix Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda
Refresh IconMedea Tabakini
Refresh IconGyurza Iz Stolitsy Sibiri
Gold star IconShaitan Vulkan
Gold star IconBylina Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda
Refresh IconRuslan
Gold star IconSnezhnaya Koroleva Iz Stolitsy Sibiri
Refresh IconEr-Tara Iz Stolitsy Sibiri
Refresh IconShaybek Iz Stolitsy Sibiri
Refresh IconBaron Tabakini
Gold star IconBata
Gold star IconBubu
Gold star IconBurus
Gold star IconRubinovaya Moya Iz Svetlogo Doma
Gold star IconOlivkovaya Vetka Iz Svetlogo Doma
Gold star IconMedvedi Iz Grada Kresta Efimia
Refresh IconMedvedi Iz Grada Kresta Eseniya
Gold star IconShtorm Iz Svetlogo Doma